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The Aboriginal Early Childhood Collective provides professional development and resourcing for the education and community services sector.

 Aboriginal Art Summit 2021

Aboriginal Art Summit 2021

June 21st to 9th July 2021

Early Birds are on sale now! Aboriginal art is the world’s oldest continuing form of cultural expression on the planet. The Aboriginal Early Childhood Collective (AECC) is bringing you The Aboriginal Art Summit in 2021!

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 The Aboriginal Early Childhood Planning Guide

The Aboriginal Early Childhood Planning Guide

Now only available as a digital resource inside the AECC Planning Course.

The Aboriginal Early Childhood Planning Guide is more than just a diary. This is a place to learn, unlearn and relearn. This is a safe space to rest and reflect on your reconciliation journey so far, whilst simultaneously setting goals and planning strategies to achieve the next steps. 

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 The Aboriginal Early Childhood Practice Guide

The Aboriginal Early Childhood Practice Guide

Are you keen to embed Aboriginal culture and perspectives into your early childhood setting but are not sure how to start? Are you scared as a non-Aboriginal person about getting it wrong?

The Aboriginal Early Childhood Practice Guide is an accessibly written and beautifully created book designed to assist non-Aboriginal early childhood educators and teachers to embed Aboriginal perspectives into their everyday curriculum underpinned by anti-bias approaches.

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Artwork: "Generations" by Garry Purchase

Garry is a proud Aboriginal man of Dharawal, Bidjigal and Dhungutti decent. He grew up in Sydney’s Eastern suburbs in Botany and was raised amongst the Aboriginal community of La Perouse.

Garry is a member of the Timbery family of which there are many famous members. He is the Great Great Great Great Grandson of Timbery (Or Timberé), leader of the Dharawal people and was bestowed the title “King Of The Five Islands” by Governor Lachlan Macquarie. Garry is also The Great Great Grandson of Queen Emma Timbery and and a cousin of Esme Timbery who are both internationally renowned for their artistic shell work. His great uncle is Joe Timbery, world champion boomerang thrower who also presented one to Queen Elizabeth II in 1954.

Garry has always had a creative passion and was a musician for many years playing drums in a few Sydney rock bands. He played 100’s shows in the 90’s and 2000’s on the Sydney scene.

Artistically, he first started painting after he moved to the Central Coast with his wife and 3 sons in 2013.

His style is a more modern take on traditional Aboriginal art, steering away from the common dreamtime stories and focusing on his own personal journey, experiences and social issues that pushes a lot of creative boundaries as he stretches the limits of what Aboriginal art can be.

He has a very loyal fan base and has thousands of followers on social media. Check out his page

His works have attracted a lot of attention and have also earned Garry a few awards. He took out the major first prize Tony Donovan Award at Reconciliation Exhibition at Gosford Regional Gallery in both 2014 and 2016 with “One Nation” and “Under The Southern Cross” respectively. 

His painting “The Journey” won both the Aboriginal Health award and the People’s Choice award at Mental Health Art Works! 2014 and he also won the Aboriginal Health award again in 2016 with “Missing Pieces” and in 2017 with his piece “Tribal Blood”